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Currently v1. (20150504)

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Professional Coding.

eeBootstrap is a professional theme for ExpressionEngine Forum Discussion Module, it’s developed with the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap framework, HTML5 e CSS3.

Browser Compatibility.

eeBootstrap is compatible with the recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome web browsers.

Responsive Design.

eeBootstrap theme changes based on the size and capabilities of the device that you use. Your users will be happy to read and write on the forum even from a smartphone!


Customizations are simple because the theme is based on Twitter Bootstrap and following some simple rules, you can completely change the colors to suit your site. In our forum there are some examples available.

Slim and Fast.

With the code clean and fully optimized, without any graphic file, your forum will be loaded faster and your users will notice this immediately!

Code Hacking.

Some features have been rewritten without touching the source code of the module but using special techniques in JavaScript, so there will be no problems for future updates.


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