[Tip] Notes for users, how about adding 1-2 secs for those?

Petri Kosunen
Petri Kosunen
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10 November 2014 22:16

I have noted down, that information about forms and such like attachment dimensions etc. are disappearing a bit too fast.
For users it might be a problem because those information dialogies disappears so fast, that they even do not notice there was something for to know.

So one second or 2 is not much adding for them.
I would do that to my forums, but not sure from where or is there only one line that is handling them?

Cheers smile

eeBootstrap Support Team
eeBootstrap Support Team
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10 November 2014 23:38

Search for Bootstrap initialization in eeBootstrap.js

$(".alert.autoclose").delay(3000).slideUp(200, function() {

change 3000 as you as you wish…