To get even faster forums…

Petri Kosunen
Petri Kosunen
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10 November 2014 22:30

We all use forums right?
So this is just my point of view how to even boost up a bit more the speed in-forums.

Its simply by removing all the author-related tags from elsewhere but not from the actual thread.
It might not be relevant that you see who posted the last post, or who is the last one with reply on thread.

Im re-thinking a lot and trying to get as much as I can, off from forums that are not so important outside of actual thread-page.

But on the other hand - when its lets say, about support, then you might need the author names visible or something. For me, this is just post for you out there to think what you really need and what are not so important dynamic-related things on your forums.

If you have done something to faster your forums, I would like to hear about what you dumped off from Forum Module smile