eeBootstrap theme 1.0.2 Released. 

eeBootstrap Support Team
eeBootstrap Support Team
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12 November 2014 18:23

Today, we are pleased to release eeBootstrap theme 1.0.2

- Added img-responsive class for hot linked images in Post.
- Added a envelope icon with unread messages badge in topbar, near the username, if unread messages are present.
- Added the ability to display Post Prefix based on a word in brackets in the Thread Title. (example: [Sunny] the weather today is very good!).
- Added img-responsive class for large thumb attachment.
- Added bbcode to embed Youtube Video in Forum Post.
- Added bbcode to embed Vimeo Video in Forum Post.
- Added bbcode to embed SoundCloud track in Forum Post.
- Added meta tags “meta property” in head to improve the sharing on social networks.

To activate these features view Change Log.